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Elias Robot Amongst The TOP 3 European Remote Learning Solutions Awarded BEST-IN-CLASS

Elias Robot, developed by Curious Technologies Ltd has been named as Best-in-class Remote Learning solution in Europe, after completing the IMPACT EdTech accelerator program funded by European Commission.

Helsinki, Finland, 14th of May 2021 - Starting last November 2020, IMPACT EdTech Remote Schooling program united European start-ups, mentors, and participant schools for a common goal, to improve the Educational Technology solutions during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the midst of a difficult panorama for students around the world, European Schoolnet, the network of European Ministries of Education, united forces with ISDI accelerator and Funding Box to bring new innovative startups’ solutions to education technology audiences. The Best-in-Class award was given to the 3 most promising European solutions to address the challenges encountered by teachers and students when teaching and learning remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.

“These startups’ outcomes have considerably improved the teaching and learning experience of many European schools during the COVID-19 pandemic and will undoubtedly contribute to shaping the future of education. Therefore, we are really pleased to appoint them “Best-in-class” for their hard-work and their contribution to transforming the educational sector”, states IMPACT EdTech on their website.

Elias Robot is the language learning solution that focuses on the interactive experience of practicing speaking skills with a friendly robot. During the program, Elias Robot was piloted in three schools located in Italy, Portugal, and Spain. This last one being C.E.I.P. Bec de l’Aguila, which utilized Elias Robot in a hybrid learning context, allowing students to start their day with warm-up language exercises with Elias Robot, inside the class, and continue English speaking practice at home with desktop or mobile devices.

“Participating in the IMPACT EdTech program was a great opportunity for us to fast track our development with the help of a great team of teachers and students! We could not be happier to have achieved such great results, now looking into the future we aim to bring our new remote learning solution available globally”, says Johanna Hemminki, CEO and Founder of Elias Robot.

The Best-in-class award allows Elias Robot to explore future cooperation opportunities with a variety of European partners and investors, and become an active part of language learning curricula. Elias Robot is advancing its impact in education and this recognition will serve as a fast track for the further development and deployment of the solutions all over the world.


Curious Technologies Ltd is a Finnish EdTech company, which develops conversational and voice-based solutions for educational use. Elias Robot is their software product that facilitates language learning and provides emotionally safe, accessible, and engaging learning for everyone. Elias Robot applies Finnish pedagogy in combination with the latest technology that enables students to learn languages by speaking. With a competitive advantage in the market, Elias Robot is the first player, robot-based app for practicing speaking skills.


The IMPACT EdTech project accelerates European EdTech SMEs to bring innovative digital education solutions into the market. With funding from the H2020 programme of the European Commission, the project supports – through funding and other services – companies that develop new solutions that can contribute to extending personalised, inclusive educational models and/or support the development of the skills relevant in today’s world.

Remote Schooling acceleration programme: Best-in-class


Johanna Hemminki

Founder, CEO

Curious Technologies Ltd

+358 45 110 3788

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