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Elias Robot App

Elias Robot App includes ready-made courses designed by experienced teachers for several different languages and skill levels. Elias Robot's voice user interface allows students to learn languages by having conversations with human-like robots.

This is a revolutionary and very powerful way to learn languages!


Bring fun to the classroom

The application has five different exercise types. The warm-up exercises include songs, dances, stories and games. They can be used to prepare for the theme of the lesson.


In the Repeat and Remember exercises, the robot shows images to the student, and asks for the word or phrase to be repeated. The student can view the spelling by clicking the image.


In the speech exercises, the interaction situation related to the theme of the lesson is practiced with the robot.


Playful Quiz exercises can be utilised for brushing up, for example, for practicing for an exam.


The method that is based on listening and repeating helps to efficiently remember new words and phrases.


Speech recognition is accurate and the student gains experiences of success, even if pronunciation is not quite at a native level. When the student succeeds, the robot offers encouraging feedback, dances, cheers or changes the colour of its eyes. 


The application can be used to monitor the development of pronunciation. Each exercise has a progress bar, which indicates how accurately the learner pronounces the word or phrase.


Get positive and effective feedback

Nao robot with Elias Robot software.jpeg

Check your spelling

The application's text-to-speech feature helps the student review the pronunciation of written text.  This is particularly useful for students with dyslexia. The student can correct their text on the basis of Elias robot’s pronunciation.


The pronunciation model is also useful for the learner, for example, when preparing for a presentation.

Elias robot with a young student

Have fun while studying

By pressing the fun action buttons of the app, Elias Robot entertains the learner, for example, by dancing, singing and playing the guitar.


It is good to occasionally have a short play session alongside exercises!

Softbank robots and Elias Robot app

Accessible learning for everyone

The aim of the Elias Robot App is to increase the accessibility of learning. The use of the application does not require reading or writing skills.

At the beginning of each exercise, the robot provides instructions either in the target language or in the student’s own mother tongue.


The robot's speed of speech can be adjusted to match the learner's skill level.

Elias Robot mockup

Learning in interaction

In addition to speaking exercises related to lessons, the student can practice interaction and reaction skills by having a freeform chat with the robot.


Elias Robot's chat contents are constantly developing and diversifying!

Elias Robot laptop mockup

The world's coolest robots!

The Elias Robot application can be used with three different humanoid robots, Nao V5, Nao6 and Pepper.


The robot hardware has been manufactured by Softbank Robotics.

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