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Press release: RobotLAB Inc. and Curious Technologies Ltd. Announce Partnership

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Various authors. Helsinki, Finland. San Francisco, USA - April 7th, 2021 - RobotLAB Inc., the leader of Educational Robotics in the American market, and Curious Technologies Ltd., the fast-growing Edtech innovator of the Nordics, known for their educational expertise, announces today their partnership that focuses on the distribution of Elias Robot worldwide.

The direct connection between the two companies in terms of innovative approaches to educational robots made it possible for RobotLAB and Elias Robot to collaborate by contributing to the development of innovative solutions for the Edtech market.

“Partnering with Elias Robot is exciting because it brings the learning experience to another level of engagement for students” commented Cedric Vaudel, Sales Vice President of RobotLAB. “For more than a decade, we’ve developed innovative methodologies of teaching using robots that can bring many advantages: they’re fun, tireless, and non-judgmental. Now, by adding Elias to our portfolio, our program covers an even broader range of applications that teachers can use to teach foreign languages”.

Edtech is a growing market where a diverse range of solutions for teachers and students are being developed around the world. Language learning solutions like Elias Robot are rather unique, as speaking solutions for language learning take onto the challenge of using edge-cutting technology, as voice user interface and Artificial Intelligence to develop conversational skills.

"It is my pleasure to announce that the Elias Robot application can now be acquired from the RobotLAB platform. RobotLAB is an established robotic solutions provider and this partnership offers strong support for our business", said Johanna Hemminki, Founder and CEO of Curious Technologies and co-creator of Elias Robot.

Both companies are committed to bring Edtech solutions to students and enhance their experience with tools that truly bring learning to life. This partnership facilitates the acquirement of Educational Technology worldwide, providing tangible and inclusive solutions for language learning in the future.

For more information about RobotLAB please visit and for more information about Elias Robot.

About RobotLAB

Created for teachers, by teachers, RobotLAB has developed award-winning, standards-aligned K-12 programs, which use robots to enhance learning, understanding, and information-retention while maximizing schools' investment in curricula. The innovative and award-winning programs are helping schools across the United States to excel in these subjects while using robots, computer science, coding, and programming, helping learners develop 21st-century skills like problem-solving, critical-thinking, and collaboration, all while learning core-subjects in a fun and engaging way.

About Curious Technologies Ltd. and Elias Robot

Curious Technologies Ltd is a Finnish Edtech company, which develops conversational and voice-based solutions for educational use. Elias Robot is their software product that facilitates language learning and provides emotionally safe, accessible, and engaging learning for everyone. Elias Robot applies Finnish pedagogy in combination with the latest technology that enables students to learn languages by speaking. With a competitive advantage in the market, Elias Robot is the first player with a robot-based app for practicing speaking skills.


Johanna Hemminki

Founder, CEO

Curious Technologies Ltd / Utelias Technologies Oy

Helsinki, Finland

+358 45 110 3788

Cedric Vaudel

VP Sales

RobotLAB Inc.

San Francisco, United States

+1 (949) 505 4008

Maria Alejandra


RobotLAB Inc.

San Francisco, United States

+1 (415) 702 3033

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