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Have fun

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Elias Meet Elias - the first AI powered social robot that helps students learn foreign languages

It looks just like an ordinary NAO robot, but the heart and brain of Elias is the robot behavior developed by Utelias. It can understand students’ needs, and help them practice their speaking skills in a fun and save environment, without fear of making mistakes. Combined with Elias application, the robot can turn your classroom into a positive learning experience, filled with engaging content and happy students. Get ready to take learning to a whole new dimension with Elias!

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Language learning with Elias provides wide range of opportunities: students can practice real-life situations with the robot and learn to speak in their own pace.

Elias, the new language teacher in a school in southern Finland, has endless patience for repetition, never makes a pupil feel embarrassed for asking a question and can even do the "Gangnam Style," dance.

What’s so clever about Elias is that it will understand the child’s skill level and understanding, tailoring the questions specifically, so they have no need to worry whether they’ll be able to answer or not.


Elias Robot in Tampere

Robot Elias piloting in Tampere

Finland is known to have one of the best educational systems in the world. Elias wants to bring Finnish quality ...
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Elias Robot in the United Arab Emirates

Trip to United Arab Emirates

Elias Robot has started to travel around the world already! Language coach Elias attended its first international event in United ...
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Elias Robot pilot in Turkey

Pilot about to start in Turkey

After being introduced into classes in Finland, Elias Robot was invited to Turkey in May to meet pupils there. Teacher robot ...
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