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For Teachers

When you learn a foreign language, speaking is essential.

However, in classrooms, students don’t get a lot of opportunities to practice, and are often set back by the fear of making mistakes. Organizing speaking activities is time-consuming for the teachers, which results in a lack of individual feedback for each student.

With Elias, the students are put in real communication situations in a safe environment, where they can learn at their own pace. This gives more time for the teacher to focus their attention on planning their lessons as well as adapting more to each student.

How does it work?


There are different possible scenarios when using Elias in a classroom. For example, the robot can be used as a co-teacher during the practicing session, or it can play around the classroom for individual coaching.


Elias Robot App has six different exercise types. Lessons include engaging robot behaviors, such as different games, dancing or singing.


Elias Robot App is easy to use for both the teacher and the students. 


With Elias, you can also play vocabulary games, memory exercises, and have a real life conversation situation. 


Teachers can choose the content and learning objectives according to the needs of the learners. They can also create their own teaching resources with Elias Robot lesson editor.


Elias guides the student throughout the lesson, and gives encouraging feedback. Each exercise has a progress bar, which indicates how accurately the learner pronounces the word or phrase.



The courage to speak is a starting point for all interaction and genuine situations of using a language.

With Elias Robot, the learner practices their interaction and speaking skills in various themed situations, in an enjoyable manner and in a safe environment. Elias Robot is suitable for different-aged and different-levelled students.  No reading or writing skills are necessary, learning is based on verbal interaction. Learning is multisensory and also teaches the student to recognise their own style of learning. 


Elias Robot guides the learner to progress at their own pace in various situations that are familiar from everyday life. It can practice repetitions and remembering with the student in a playful and motivating manner.


Repetitions improve both pronunciation and memorising of vocabulary. Shy students gain the courage to speak, because there is no need to worry about mistakes with the robot.

Elias gives positive feedback. Learning is fun and the atmosphere of learning is safe. The multisensory learning method strengthens the engram of learning.


The multilinguistic Elias Robot application can bring linguistic awareness and positivity to schools and educational institutes. Schools are not always able to offer a wide range of languages, even if there is the will to do so. A solution for this is the multilinguistic robot. With the help of Elias Robot, the selection of languages offered at schools can easily be diversified.


Elias starts the teaching sessions with warm-up

exercises, where the language is learnt through songs, games and stories


Elias helps to learn the most important words and phrases by means of listening and repeating, while supporting the student with images and gestures. 


Memory exercises help to memorise words and

phrases. Elias provides fun and positive feedback when the student is successful.

practice (1).png

Elias’ interactive contents are based on real-life situations of language

use. Elias guides the student to them step-by-step using supported discussion



Finally, the student practices the situation with Elias by means of freeform discussions. There is no need to worry about mistakes with the robot!

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