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The Lesson Editor

As a company founded by teachers, we know firsthand about teaching. We know that teachers need good quality teaching resources, but also a possibility to edit them and create their own materials.


In addition to the ready-made courses in the Elias Robot application, teachers and students can create an unlimited amount of personal learning contents and utilise the exercises created by others. Contents created with the lesson editor are immediately available to use!

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Share your lessons with others

With the help of the easy-to-use tool, anyone can create a language lesson and share them with others.


The lesson editor allows you to add, for example, vocabulary homework to the Elias Robot App which can then be practiced with the robot!

Create your own lessons

In the Elias Robot App, users can create individual exercises or entire courses, which consist of several lessons.


Images, words, sentences, teacher instructions or robot motions and sounds can be added to the exercises.

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