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New Elias App, Same Approach

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

School doors are closed, classrooms have never been this empty and lifeless. Normal classroom teaching sounds unreal now, since there are no classrooms. Teachers have to think of solutions to keep their students’ attention while studying remotely, and to adjust their materials. Students, on the other hand, need to learn new programs to be able to connect to distance learning. In these critical times, we need a solution that is easy to use and adapt to. That is why we released a new, robot-free version of the Elias app - and it’s now available 100% online.

We couldn’t have done this without our early testers, three primary schools from the Turku area in Finland, that tested Elias App in action last autumn. The pilot was a part of the 6Aika - The New Era of Learning project funded by the European Union.

Kids from 1st to 2nd grades went through English and French lessons, and the outcome of this pilot was great. Teachers, students, and schools were enthusiastically involved in the development process, as they saw the benefits of the application and its innovation as a future language learning tool.

Elias App is entirely focused on developing speaking skills. It’s like having a personal teacher for everyone. Students don’t have to wait for their chance to speak, and teachers don’t need to worry about making time for everyone. The use of this application doesn’t require reading or writing skills. The student can go through entertaining lessons at their own pace, according to skill level.

"Building conversations, learning and practicing new languages with Elias is easy and fun"(Student, Turku)

The foundation of this teaching approach relies on understanding how important it is to speak in the early stages of language learning. With Elias, the students can build conversations in a safe environment.

In addition, listening skills are also taken into account. Using the application shows positive effects on students who have early auditory and pronunciation problems. The issues can be spotted early and training can begin right away.

"Students could build up confidence and get motivated for further development of their skills" (English Teacher, Turku)

After we offered free access to schools affected by COVID-19, teachers from all over the world reached out to us. Elias App has attracted near 200 new schools in just one month!

We want to say a big thank you for helping us to develop it further with more precise adjustments. We are looking forward to the full launch of the Elias App later this year, as the aim of it is to increase the accessibility of learning.

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