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Language Learning and the Pandemic

It has been reported that millions of children around the world have been out of the classroom since the pandemic and this has dramatically increased the rise of e-learning or remote learning on digital platforms.

Even though it could be possible that remote learning may increase the retention of information while also saving time of commute by children to and from school, language learning has been one of the most affected courses during this pandemic. This is because language learning is unique. Unlike other courses which require basic teaching and self-studies, language learning requires continuous speaking, practicing, and interaction to attain a particular desired satisfactory level.

As a result of the sudden shift away from classroom learning around the world, many children could be left confused, bored, and feeling less motivated to learn. There are also questions like; is the pandemic here to stay? What happens post-pandemic? and would there be many more pandemics to come? In answering the above questions and responding to significant demand, Elias Robot offers an emotionally safe learning environment for kids to learn languages and practice through speaking as much as possible in a fun and interactive way.

As a part of the IMPACT EdTech program funded by the EU, Elias Robot embarked on pilot projects in 3 European countries to improve learning innovation in remote schooling settings in selected primary schools. This will support language learning during the pandemic to a great extent. Elias Robot is also able to provide unique tools for more interactive language learning to students at home who are unable to attend face-to-face lessons as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Student's using Elias Robot at C.E.I.P Bec De L'aguila in Alicante, Spain

Bearing in mind that language learning could be a huge challenge for some children due to shyness, or personal sociability issues, being bullied, awkwardness to speak up in class, Elias Robot offers the learner fun and interactive learning in a comfortable environment. It provides emotionally safe learning for the student as the robot is never tired of repeating words and does not make negative expressions or laugh at the student when they make mistakes with words or pronunciations.

Elias Robot is least likely to spread the virus as students do not have to wear masks while speaking and interacting with it. Elias Robot makes it possible to understand and determine the students' language level requirements while being able to speak and understand multiple different languages at the same time.

As we always say, we believe that this is just the beginning of a long adventure for Elias Robot, a language assistant you'll love!

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