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COVID-19 school closures: Complimentary Elias Robot license for schools moving to distance learning

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

While coronavirus is spreading rapidly, teachers across the world are wondering how they can keep up student motivation and good learning results during the school closure.

What if every student could have a robot friend, who could teach them languages at home and entertain them when they feel bored or lonely?

Now it’s possible! Elias Robot leaped off from its robot body and is now available online for free!

What is Elias Robot?

Elias Robot is an innovative language learning app that changes the way of learning languages by using a Voice User Interface. Students are able to improve their speaking skills anywhere, any time - by chatting with the robot.

More information here:

“Elias brings a happy and safe atmosphere to the classroom. It is a diverse motivator for learning.” Dr. Aino Ahtinen

According to research, Elias Robot:

  • Increases positive feelings and motivation to learn

  • Makes the learning atmosphere relaxed and focused

  • Makes students repeat more

We are providing free access to Elias Robot for teachers and students during the coronavirus outbreak.

Elias Robot App includes:

  • Interactive lesson templates for 8 languages (A1)

  • Vocabulary exercises, quizzes, stories and dialogues

  • The lesson editor for creating custom lessons

Please contact us and we’ll be in touch with you!

Additional services

We also provide online workshops for teachers and students on language learning, AI, and robot programming:

  • Distance language learning (teachers)

  • Educational chatbot creation (teachers)

  • Robotics and AI (students)

  • Programming (students)

Workshop languages: English, French, German, Finnish

Ask more about our workshops

Stay healthy and safe!

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