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Elias Robot chosen as the Product of the Year

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We have amazing news to share: Elias Robot has been chosen as the Product of the year at the 2020 NAO Congress in Boston! Elias was awarded for its unique way of using AI and robots in language learning.

The 2020 NAO Congress was held on February 26 at MassRobotics, Boston. This was the the 4th NAO Congress hosted by ChartaCloud | Robotteca.

Attendees from around the world came together to learn about and explore the latest robot applications and use cases. Our CEO and founder, Johanna Hemminki, gave a presentation ​on Elias Robot and introduced its new and upcoming features, including new tools for creating lessons and monitoring of learning data.

“In addition to our ready-made curriculum for 8 languages, users can create their own interactive learning material with the lesson editor that is now even easier to use. It makes the platform flexible and compatible with different local curriculums”, says Johanna.

Also, Elias Robot gives individual feedback on pronunciation and users are able to track their progress. Educators and school administrations will soon be able to compare the learning data locally, nationally and internationally.

We really appreciate this award. It means that we have managed to create a unique and high quality product that learners and educators need. This recognition encourages us to continue our work for better learning!

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