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Learn languages

while having fun! 

The only way to learn a language is by speaking. Elias Robot improves the way of learning speaking skills by using AI and an interactive robot avatar.


Teachers can share their educational expertise through our educational tools and friendly-looking robot avatar that makes their lessons accessible, interactive, and engaging.



The students are encouraged to practice speaking alongside Elias. The robot avatar encourages them to practice without the fear of making mistakes. 

Creating a safe space for language learning is important for developing language skills but also improves confidence in young learners. 

Parents are able to follow up on their children's progress and learn about their learning methods when it comes to language learning. 

Elias Robot is the language learning robot companion for all learners at home. Exceptionally good for remote schooling. 

The interactive interface allows teachers to use ready-made lessons right away or to create new ones faster. 


Teachers save time in lesson creation and are able to focus their skills on what really matters, interacting with the students!

Schools can benefit as teachers have assisting tools for their development that support their skills. 

Elias provides proven pedagogy that allows children to learn by doing. 


Our proven pedagogy

"Elias Robot increases positive feelings and motivation to learn, it creates a focused and relaxed learning atmosphere. Elias Robot also initiates collaboration and makes children encourage each other while it increases foreign language speaking in the classroom. Children repeat more and learn interactively." 

University of Tampere, 2019.

Learning and teaching experiences with a persuasive social robot in primary school. 

Elias Robot


Chat and Learn

Elias Robot utilizes cutting-edge speech recognition technology that allows to practice speaking without the fear of making mistakes. 

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Interactive Gamification

Have fun with Elias! Earn stars as rewards and complete the different learning levels by discovering new exercises and lessons. 

Save time with our Teacher's tools

Teachers can create their own interactive lessons with the lesson editor. Elias Robot assists teachers both in lesson planning and teaching. Classroom management enables easy organizing of different lessons for easy use and optimization.

Progress tracking for better learning

The analytics provided highlight the progress of the student by easily identifying time spent in chat exercises, the number of learned phases, completed lessons, and rewards. Enabling teachers and parents to see the students’ progress and notice learning problems at early stage.

Teacher Portugal


Middle-school teacher at Agrupamento de Escolas

Martim de Freitas

The ready-made content is good and the kids appreciate the level of difficulty as it increases. My students were able to practice conversational skills at home during the pandemia. 

Teacher Spain



Primary School teacher at

CEIP Bec de l'Àguila

 We completed lessons in groups during classroom hours and at home, the students practice other speaking exercises. Elias Robot became our warm-up activity this month, it has been great to say hello and chat with Elias! 

The pre-A1 lessons are very good for younger children. Easy conversation exercises were useful for my students, as Elias Robot was part of their first experience learning the English language. 



Primary School Teacher at

IC Bruno Minari  Roma

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