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Change the way of learning languages

This is Elias Robot -  the language learning solution of the future, where students are able to listen and speak with Elias in real-time.

Elias Robot is a language coach you’ll love!
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Elias Robot is an innovative language learning app, where students are able to practice multiple languages by listening and speaking with Elias in real-time. Elias Robot provides thematic lesson modules to learn about topics like colors, seasons, and emotions. Teachers can freely modify the lessons to fit their needs and also create new ones that adequate to the students’ learning progress.

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You can only learn a language by speaking it! With Elias Robot, students practice speaking skills with natural conversations.

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Emotions play a big role in learning. Elias Robot creates a safe and happy learning environment, encourages to speak and there is no need to worry about mistakes.  

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Fun Learning

Elias Robot can dance, sing and play various games. The students learn a language while having fun!

Meet Elias – the first AI-powered social robot that helps students learn foreign languages

The gamified Elias Robot application encourage to speak without the fear of mistakes. Elias Robot guides the student through exercises and encourages in a fun way.


The multilingual robot app includes full, high-quality and ready-made languages courses for 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Finnish and Swedish. Speech recognition is available for 20+ languages.

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Book a demo with us!

Elias Robot is available for all kinds of educational institutions,  professional teachers, and language tutors. Book a demo with us and explore the unique features that make Elias Robot an effective companion for language learning.  

They're talking about us

“My student had special challenges in language learning. She was inspired by practicing with Elias and gained the most “candy eyes” in the entire class. Elias provided her a positive learning experience."

Teacher, Finland

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“Elias brings a happy and safe atmosphere to the classroom. It is a diverse motivator for learning.”


Dr. Aino Ahtinen,

Social Robotics Researcher & Lecturer

University of Tampere

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“There was a boy in the class who had not said a single word during previous English lessons. Now it is him who wants to be the first to talk to Elias.”

Teacher, Finland

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