Elias Robot in Tampere

Robot Elias piloting in Tampere

Finland is known to have one of the best educational systems in the world. Elias wants to bring Finnish quality education all over the world. Since Elias Robot was introduced, Finnish schools and teachers got excited to try robots for teaching. This way, they can find new ways to improve the Finnish education system and engagement in classrooms. Tampere has been one of the most interested cities in Finland to try robots in education. The town acquired one of our Elias robots to start a pilot phase in Tammela school.

Elias Robot is able to speak Finnish, English and German at the moment. Elias will strengthen the teaching of 1st and 2nd year students in Tampere. Image: Santeri Holappa / Tampereen kaupunki

The pilot phase of Elias robot is going to be carried out in early elementary classrooms in Tampere. Elias Robot is the newest teacher introduced to classrooms in Tampere schools for English and German lessons. It will be tested with first- and second-year pupils.

Elias Robot is now being put to the test for the first time in Tampere. The humanoid robot is made in France, and a Finnish company named Utelias designed the pedagogical language teaching software. This small humanoid robot called Elias will be available for language practice.

The City of Tampere has acquired Elias Robot to support everyday teaching. The robot will not get tired of repetition and it can adapts to the level of each pupil. The goal of the pilot in Tampere is to examine children’s experiences and interactions with robots.

“We are, of course, also interested in how these robots could improve the quality of teaching,” says project manager Marika Korpinurmi. The pilot is part of the Smart Tampere program, a vision to improve life in Tampere with digital services.

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