Elias Robot pilot in Turkey

Pilot about to start in Turkey

After being introduced into classes in Finland, Elias Robot was invited to Turkey in May to meet pupils there. Teacher robot Elias  was introduced to the pupils at Behçeşehir College Etiler Campus in Istanbul.



We are having educational trips to various places around the world. “We had heard that Elias is used to help teachers and we wanted to bring it to Turkey”, BUEK President Enver Yücel said when opening the media event in Istanbul. “Teachers and students want to see what it is like. No robot can take the teacher’s place in the classroom, but robotics and technology can help teaching and teachers. Robots can also be used for teaching. We want to show this to everyone. I think that it can help a lot in language education. There is tremendous progress in artificial intelligence, so we want to try and use it in the field of education. Our university and our schools will work to improve it.”

There must be an education system for individuals

“The education system has to change. Fabrication training is not done anymore”, Yücel said in the media event. “With education technologies, it should be a training system for individuals. With the support of technology, we have been implementing a personalized education model for 10 years. In 2025, as many as 80 billion objects will be connected to the Internet. When we are moving towards such a world, we cannot continue with old education. Information is everywhere. Instead of transferring knowledge, useful work should be carried out on humanity. And in this age, the language is English. Turkey must also meet this innovation.”


Bahçeşehir College General Manager Özlem Dag, who stated that these robots are assistant teacher robots that are programmed for foreign language education, mentioned that we are not talking about an application that will take replace the teacher. “Our aim is to stimulate enthusiasm and excitement in the process of learning foreign languages ​​in the classroom environment, and to support the process and enable them to have unlimited practice”. This is to reduce the anxiety that students may have about foreign languages, ​​and the anxiety they may have about speech practice. The great advantage of these robots is that they can be coded according to the mother language of the trainee. In addition to this, students who are going to study again can be guided according to their age, knowledge and learning level. Bahçesidir: “As a College we always claim ‘personalized education’. This model aims to teach you how to learn on your own. These robots also allow this.”

Pilots about to start

Elias robot can do many things during the lessons. Thanks to its face recognition abilities, it can adjust its reactions depending on the situation. It can determine the learner’s speed of speech, and adapt to it by speaking accordingly. In addition, Elias can speak up to 23 languages. “We are getting very positive feedback from teachers all around the world”, says Johanna Hemminki.

Bahçeşehir College General Manager Özlem Dag wants to pilot with Elias robot in the next academic year in several campuses. “This way we will see what these robots are doing in practice”, he stated. At the end, Özlem promised that “the school will make reports for use of robots in language education. We will share these reports with the Ministry of National Education and other schools that ask for it”.

Elias was also mentioned in many other big Turkish newspapers and news agencies such as Hürriyet, Sözcü, IHA, Milliyet (articles in Turkish).

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