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When you learn a foreign language, speaking is essential. However, in classrooms, students don’t get a lot of opportunities to practice, and are often set back by the fear of making mistakes. Organizing speaking activities is time-consuming for the teachers, which results in a lack of individual feedback for each student.

With Elias, the students are put in real communication situations in a safe environment, where they can learn at their own pace. This gives more time for the teacher to focus their attention on planning their lessons as well as adapting more to each student.


How does it work?

✓ There are different possible scenarios when using Elias in a classroom. For example, the robot can be used as a co-teacher during the practicing session, or it can play around the classroom for individual coaching – that’s entirely up to the teacher.

✓ Elias comes with an application which is easy to use for both the teacher and the students. 

✓ Teachers can choose the content and learning objectives according to the needs of the learners. 

✓ Each lesson consists of an engaging warm-up exercise such as dancing, singing, etc.

✓ With Elias, you can also play vocabulary games, memory exercises, and have a real life conversation situation. 

✓ Elias guides the student throughout the lesson, and is always here to give encouraging feedback.

✓ Lessons are available for different levels.




There are skills that can be learned only in communication, but are difficult to practice with other people – speaking foreign languages, beating stage fright or saying no to bullies. This is where Elias can help! He helps to practice communication skills in a safe and positive way.

With Elias, students don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes. Elias adapts to the student’s pace of learning and he doesn’t get tired of listening and repeating. Elias can really make learning fun and entertaining. Fun and playfulness improve learning results, engage students in the learning process, enhance problem-solving skills, and strengthen the interaction.

The Elias application is based on a scientifically proved method of teaching. The content was created in collaboration with Finnish schools and teachers in order to fully adapt to the needs of the classroom. The lessons can easily be integrated in the learner’s curriculum, as it follows the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).

Integrating Elias in the classroom creates a positive experience for both the teacher and the students, who can all be benefit from the lessons at their own pace. The application uses fun pictures, learning by ear, and conversation practices. This gives access to learning for kids who do not have the ability to read. It can also be used in other contexts where a student doesn’t have access to a have qualified teacher, such as homeschooling.

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