What is Elias?
Elias is a robot application to practice speaking new languages.


Who developed Elias?
Elias is an application developed by a Finnish teacher, Johanna Hemminki. She is the founder of a company called Curious Technologies Ltd (Utelias Technologies Oy), which is in charge of developing and marketing Elias application.


What hardware do I need in order to use Elias application?
At the moment you can use Elias only with a NAO-robot, developed by Softbank.


Is it difficult to use Elias robot?
Elias is easy to use, and we help with the implementation. If a teacher or a school wants to program their own content for Elias, we will help also with that.


For what kind of learners is Elias suitable?
Elias has especially been used for learners between 7 and 9 years old, but also for older and adult learners.


Can Elias robot substitute the teacher in the classroom?
Elias is always operated by a teacher. For instance, he can give a lecture or have discussions and give feedback to the learner.


What kind of feedback have you received about Elias?
Elias has raised a lot of interest all around the world: the UK (DailyMail), Vietnam (Tuoitre), Turkey (CNN Turkey), and many others. For kids, Elias is a great motivator to learn – for teachers, it opens a whole new world to learning.


How can I get Elias robot?
At the moment Elias is only sold to teachers. The school can ask about the licence by sending an email at info@eliasrobot.com