Curious Technologies Ltd digitalizes pedagogic solutions for language learning using voice user interface and artificial intelligence (VUI & AI). Our mission is to help everyone communicate better. With our first product, Elias language coach, adopting a new language is easier – it is also fun. Our solution can be used in schools as a tool to use with a teacher, but Elias works on all devices, so it also gives access to learning to those who have no encouraging native teacher, or anyone nice to practice with.


Core team

Our expertise lays on the views of Finnish pedagogy. Our founders have teaching background, and Elias robot has been co-created with Finnish schools. Our agile startup team consists of experienced professionals, coming from backgrounds in digital business, language teaching, marketing, programming, media, B2B sales and robotics. We have the first player advantage in the market – there is no other AI based solution for practicing foreign language speaking. Let’s design the future of learning together!


Johanna Hemminki
Founder, CEO, CTO
WeChat: wxid_o2jb6jmj6j8r12
Katriina Valli
Armand Dupuis
Carole Arbogast
Web Developer